#whole30 recap.

whole30 is over. 

and i loved it. it was easy as pie. and by pie i mean bacon, meatloaf, chicken, etc. 

i didn't eat pie. 

i didn't eat dessert for 30 days. except for 2 of those days. i ate coconut ice cream and almond ice cream [which are technically paleo friendly]. i didn't drink for 30 days. except for 4 of those days. but it was either tequila or red wine. and the one time i drank too much i threw up so it doesn't count. so 3 days. i cooked more than i had in my whole life. i planned more than a 25 year old should. and i loved every second of it. 

i realized cooking is easy with a little imagination. [and someone else to wash the dishes...application still out]

i even went on a road trip and kept paleo going. we packed snacks and goodies galore. 

it opened my eyes to a new world. honestly. 

[joking over]

there are a couple things i did want to share with you guys about my thoughts and experience on the whole30. i first tried this a couple months back and did it for like 3 days and cheated everyday and just didn't think it was for me. then this weekend i went to megan's house with her [mostly] paleo family. and to say we ate like queens is an understatement. we had freshly caught tuna, chicken salad, anti-pasta, margaritas, homemade almond crackers, the list goes on and on. so when i got home, i knew i could do it. i just did to commit. [you know how i feel to commitment right??] 

that monday i cleaned out my fridge, took out my tupperware, and cooked for a week. the first week i didn't tell many people i was doing it. it was one of those things where you didn't want someone to know if you fail because you are weak. the first week was easy. i was exploring the world of BACON and eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel and cream cheese. or greek yogurt and granola. i was saving money by bringing my lunch. and i was FULL. i never sat back and said 'damn, i am hungry. that bun-less hamburger with sweet potato fries just wasn't enough.' i ate more zucchini than i would like to admit but i made some damn good spaghetti

i started sleeping through the night. i still need a new mattress but that is another story for another day. i wake up at 5 on my own. i have energy all day. i don't get that 3 PM slump that i used to. i drink one cup of coffee a day. i go to bed easier. i read a chapter from It Starts with Food and close my eyes and BAM! i am out. 

the side effects of no alcohol...you can just imagine. you know the term 'bright-eyed and bushy tailed'?? that is ME every morning. i was told i am 'glowing'. and i am not pregnant. that means my skin looks even more amazing than it did before. and it was great before. 

i can't speak to losing weight. i haven't stepped on a scale in over 6 years [outside of the doctor's office of course]. but i can tell i trimmed down. my booty is nicer. and my face is prettier. so that is my proof. 

but that wasn't the point. 

the point is that i love this lifestyle shift. there are two things that i don't love about it though. and things you should know about it before you embark on it.

people don't get it. when you tell them you cut out grains, dairy, alcohol, pizza, doughnuts, all things holy, etc. they just look at you with a blank stare. and then you try and explain it and it just opens their mouth wider. so choose carefully who you tell. and make sure you have your facts straight before you do. tell them WHY you are doing it. and WHAT it does for your body. make them understand. 

and going out to eat is HARD. don't plan on doing it for the 30 days you are on the whole30. eat before if you must. but you don't know what the restaurants use. and for the full effect...you should only eat what you know. 

and don't drink. i wish i hadn't. but i have the rest of my life to do more whole30's. 

i am by no means and expert on this. but i have gotten my sister, my best friend, and others to try this. i am extremely persuasive. so if you have questions i can try to answer; and if i can't, i have friends that can help.