weekend in the woods.

excuse the formatting of these pictures. but this weekend was great. 

also don't assume anything. i was not hammered on friday night. i didn't fall off the whole30 wagon again. no. i didn't. looks like it though...

saturday i spent not hungover on the couch watching tv. oh and i didn't go to the dentist still a little drunk at 8am. and i didn't have a small cavity. but i did have an amazing brunch with melissa and my sister. 

sunday we explored the great outdoors and went for a hike. pretty much awesome. i never really appreciated the outdoor scenery. but it was pretty amazing. we can go if you want to visit. then i volunteered again. making sno-cones. that sugary sweet syrup is still stuck in my nose. 

my weekend was full of hotties...don't you agree??

more than one great thing about this picture. 
bestie for life. 
just a little hike through the country side.

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