the day i almost pooped my pants.

[i couldn't use 'shit' in the title. i am a little more classy than that.]


can we talk about a storm?

did anyone else know it was coming? if you did, thanks for the heads up. sike.

i hate to admit it but i was fast asleep/napping at 6 PM friday night and woke up at 8 to move to my bed. then i wake up at 10 about to shit my pants. hail pounding against my window. trees blowing over. lights flickering.

80 mph winds.

that's a fucking tornado.

then the power goes out.

i strip down knowing i won't be able to sleep with any clothes on because it is 99 degrees outside.

i was right. i couldn't sleep.

but with all these thing considered, saturday was awesome.

my bestie let me crash at his place and use his power and internet. it was marvelous. it was cool. bright. and full of music, food, company and drinks.

i finished my little HUGE surprise that is debuting this weekend.

and made some kickass palo spaghetti. you can ask my friends. i used the new peeler my sister bought me off amazon. it was like christmas opening it up and using it.

this was me:
'omg. did you see this? it's like the easiest thing to make little tiny slices. they looks JUST like noodles. omg. i am going to use this all the time. look at it! isn't this just so cool??'

funny thing is that i read a blog [via google search so i have no idea who it was] about this same one and she said she did the same thing. every time she did it she would turn to her husband and exclaim similar remarks. so you know it is good.

so what i am saying is that you should get one too. Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler

look at my creations. i made more for lunch today. i didn't think i would actually like it. but i do. today is day 29. whole30 was amazing. i will recap later this week with my thoughts. 


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