this whole30 experience has been awesome.

not just because i get to make people feel inferior to me because i look and feel awesome. but because i
have been brushing up on my cooking skills.

like, a lot.

confession: i don't cook because i hate doing dishes.



but alas. they come with the territory.

and the apartment doesn't come with a dishwasher.

there is a balance. how long can i go without washing dishes and 'oh my gosh i can't fit anymore dishes in the sink and i am out of forks.'

you would think i have learned by now that i should just wash the little dishes i make every night. you would think. but no.

i have tried a lot of things to make it better. i bought really fun bright rubber gloves. turned on the music. talked on the phone. nothing. works.

so i am asking...know anyone that wants to do my dishes? i'll cook for them. i might even date them if they are that cool. but this is getting old.

if you don't know anyone, do you know any secrets to making this task a lot more bearable?

ok. enough bitching.

look at this sweetness i made last night.

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recipes found here and here. do yourself a favor and make it. it was so delicious. i couldn't believe i did it.

happy friday kiddos. i'm pretty pumped for the weekend.

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