rubbing equals exposing.

i feel so out of the loop.

i'm on this new project. and they actually think that i should work all day and not sit on the computer and surf the internet.

so i haven't been on twitter in a week. GASP. i know. i feel like i am over the withdrawals. but hot damn. it is tough. i miss you kiddos.

thanks for all the support. through my nose bleeds. book recommendations. metro catastrophes. and my april fools joke.

i owe you one.

probably a new video.

i'm thinking a video on how to play quarters or flip cup? maybe some other drinking game? suggestions?

i need to bring beer back into the blog.

for reals yo.

some people are visiting from across the pond [literally] so i wanted to show you the real me.

megan told me she would be disappointed if i did a binge drinking video. but two beers isn't binge drinking. right?

and in case you missed the poor attempt at giving away couches.

good day.

oh yeah. the metro slogan. i found it. it was announced in their paper.

it's better than i had imagined.

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