be the fruit loop.

you know how you have like fifteen books on your read list and you just can't get through them all??

i have started at least 5 right now.

i read every night.

but i don't finish all of them.

i get bored easily. i think it is that commitment thing.

i need to work on that.

at any rate. i need some new suggestions.

i don't pick out great ones all the time.

some are REAL awkward. [read: current one]

some are way too sad.

but most are boring and just fill the pages with words.

i've read all of jodi picolts. so don't recommend any of hers. i also have read all of kristen hannahs. harry potter. i refuse to read twilight. and don't even get my started on hunger games. i am tired of hearing i need to read it.

maybe when people stop telling me what i need to do i will do it. maybe.

we all know a self help book could be used wisely on me. but let's keep those suggestions to a minimum.

i am also looking for an excuse to not read or study for the GMAT. so don't offer up any advice on that.

and because you guys like pictures. and not words for some reason.

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

fitting i think.

[sorry for the sarcasm post. i am tired....excuse?]

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