productive weekend.

i FINALLY finished the chair.

i set a goal for my living room to be presentable by the weekend after next. and since i am going home next weekend [whoop whoop], i had to get some shit done this weekend.

so i locked myself in my apartment. stopped by bed, bath, and beyond. gawked at their prices. walked out with just a shoe organizer and went to work.

so ladies and [gents?], here is my living room.

april fools.

i gave up.

and i have grown to love this fabric. not the color. or the pattern. but the fact that it is securely fastened to the chair is what i love about it.

i can sit on it. and not get poked by pins. and i don't have to do anything to it. 

one day i shall finish that fucking chair. or both. but until then. i will happily sit my ass on this floral pos. 

the only thing i love about this living room is that the carpets are now cleaned, i could finally put my NEW chevron rug down, and i can seat more than 2. so deal with it you interior designers who are crying just looking at this. 

i am too.