sorry 'bout that

i didn't mean to bitch. so sorry. forgive me? cool. i was just so annoyed i was at work when everyone else was tailgating....

[moving on]

loving the new blogger interface facelift. don't you?? clean looking.

anyway, yesterday i tackled day one of removing fabric off that hideous chair i purchased. and i didn't realize day one would need subsequent days. i am pretty sure i purchased a chair that had been recovered already. by someone less than qualified. the amount of staples that were used and the haphazard positioning....grrrrr.

now i have that internal bruising in my know the one. from holding those pliers for too long. and i only have one puncture wound. hopefully i am up on my tetanus shot...

hopefully it doesn't hinder my bottle flipping skills at bartending class tonight. ha.

did i tell you i was gonna do that?

i figured with all the upgrades/changes in my life, i wanted to make sure i still had ample money for traveling. so i opening a saving account [don't judge me for not having one already] and all the money is going in there. i've got lots of destinations on my list. most outside of the country but a couple around the US. do you have a travel fund? how do you save?

tips welcome. [monetary and verbal]

at any rate, i am excited for all the awesome stuff going on around me. although, i could have used a couple football wins this weekend. and maybe a couple degrees warmer for fall weather. but i'll take it.

i can't wait to read about YOUR weekends. i live vicariously through most of you.

blog on.

[i'm on venti coffee number two already. i am a little hyper--excuse the awkwardness of this post]