found nemo. thank god.

i found out something about myself last night.

when i cry. the flood gates open.

and by flood gates, i mean i get a nose bleed to rival all nose bleeds.


i thought i was going to die. for reals.

i think it was because all that salted water was being held hostage by those emotion stealers. and last night those stealers got kicked in the gonads. ha.

without giving away ANYthing about me. i cried last night. things are ok with me.

nemo just got lost. and a good cry was needed.

news flash.

i just googled if it was normal.

BAD idea.

two answers.

1. totally normal. something about blood vessels. increased blood flow. lots of blood. yada yada.

2. it's probably a tumor. [no other explanation]


if it happens again i will go to the hospital. promise.

which reminded me of one of my all time favorite youTube videos.

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