oh hello.

are you new here?

i'm super glad you made your way here. i hope it was on purpose. if not. then i am sorry.

but since i have gotten some new friends/followers recently i thought i would do a little recap on who i am. and what i am about. or lack thereof.

those are a few of my many faces. i try to smile in pictures but sometimes it is more fun to make myself laugh. 

i don't take myself seriously. you shouldn't either. life is WAY more fun that way. 

you probably are wondering...what does this crazy girl do for a living? how can she look like a total sketch ball? it must not be professional.

well. you're wrong. [in my opinion]

cheeriosandbeer recap. all my favorites. 
what i do.
what i wear. 
my family. 
my friends. 
my side job.

so yeah. i hope you enjoyed the little bits and pieces.

ohhh and if you want to actually see me: go to the embarrassing area in the blog.