long time coming...

this post has been a LONG time coming. it might not be funny. but i think it will make you proud to be my friend. or at least proud of me.

you know how i have bitched about my job every since you knew me? and how i always have to work on the weekends? and how i am tired all the time? well i wanted to FINALLY show you what i do.

now that it has come to an end.

back history:
i work for THE construction company in the mid-atlantic. we pretty much rule the place. we are the biggest, baddest, and probably the most cocky one around. but hey, that is what it takes to be good. so anyway, i went to school for construction management. sounds pretty awesome right? it was. it might surprise you, BUT i love working with guys. no fuss. no drama. just get it done mentality. so i love my CAREER. this job has for sure had it's moments but looking back it has been a HUGE learning experience {this is the way i am justifying my countless hours spent here}.

so three years ago i was placed on a government project to build a new headquarters for the department of defense. modeled after the pentagon {in function, not shape}. the project was design-build. which means that WE, the contractor, owns the design and we can tell the architect what to do {within reason i guess}. so for the first year i worked with the owner and architect to DESIGN the building's interiors. now, if you didn't catch what i went to school for, it wasn't architecture. so me designing? no bueno. but i LOVED it. i got to put my hand in so many parts of the building that i can now see built. and i can say 'i helped design and BUILT that.' not many people can say that.

in addition to the buildings interiors, i designed the kitchen. no, not your kitchen in your house, a commercial kitchen that is set to serve 6500 people. wtf. this was my biggest challenge the whole three years. so many parts and pieces have to fit together to make something work. the plumber, electrician, kitchen equipment provider, tile guy, you name it, i got it in there. so it was my mini project within the BIG project.

i have been to countless field trips to check on material. check on status trees growing FOR material. watched concrete get poured. coordinate 4 am deliveries. everything.

and monday it will end {contractually...but we still have some little things to finish up}.

here is the outside:

17 stories. two parking garages. transportation center. two bridges. guard shacks. delivery inspection facility. conference center. catering facility. gym. credit union. police station/offices. health clinic. dining area. auditorium.

the progress.
it should have taken 4 years to finish the project. be we did it in 2.5. baller. 

a couple from the inside {my masterpieces}:

that last picture: 'conference ctr.' that is the wood wall that I designed. 

i hope you can see why i have been a bia for so long. oh one more picture i wanted to show you:

i did some math and this is what i came up with:
i have worked approximately nine thousand three hundred and sixty hours on this project. in three years. so if you divide out a typical work week at 40 hours it should equal four and a half years. so i worked one and a half years of overtime. therefore, my bonus better be HUGE. somewhere around the one fifty g's should do it. 

thanks for letting me toot my own horn. 

can't wait to see what is next for me. i am hoping a barn. but i don't think we build those. 

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