i need new clothes.

you guys often email me and ask me what i wear to work. 

i lie. 

i pretend you ask me because i like to think that you think i am this stylish blogger. well. so this project all started when jenna told me i should start doing outfit of the day posts. well i thought to myself. yes. i should. then i realized...i am boring. so for the last week i took a picture of [almost] every outfit i wore out of the house. and here you have it. this is depressing. call me stylish. 

so in the middle of all this i went online and bought some new clothes. ones with color. i should not be allowed to buy anything greg, black, or white. or tan. 

i hope you enjoy this outfit montage. because it made me depressed. 

and some of these pictures are awkward. yes. i get that. i leave the house around 615 am. so i look tired. because i am. and the one where it looks like i am wearing a black hat...i'm not. i don't wear hats. so that is weird. 

disclaimer: if you forgot what i do for a job...go here. it might explain my laziness to look awesome everyday. 

anyway. send me some links for colorful clothes. kthanksbye. 

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