grinch. to the rescue.

i know i am so tired of all the christmas posts. you HAVE to be too.

that is where i come in.

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

we can talk about other things here. and i might get called a grinch [like i did yesterday] but i am OK with that. i have owned it. now, i just try to make it more grinch-y every year.


let's start with how awesome my blog friends are.

chelsea just said the nicest things that anyone probably has put out there about me. you know she has to be NICE to come up with things like that.

erica is a baller. i am not sure i can share the stories she has told me but just take my word for it. we both like to drink a lot. and do stupid things. so that is pretty awesome.

melissa is just like me. we both we think we are hilarious. but she just looks better doing it. and check this out: we have made out with the same gent. ek. tmi? no. hers was 4 years ago [before boyfriend years so maybe more? please don't get in trouble for this] and mine was last year. so how is that for a small world?

jenna is sneaky. she lives in boston but we are hanging out for the second time ringing in the new year. so hopefully she doesn't go all alan on me and drug me. if i wake up on a roof somewhere..she is to blame. you heard it here first.

annahita is my first. she is the first one i emailed. one i didn't know. and she made it easy for me. now she is preggers. and she told me i have to drink her share of alcohol. obviously i am not going to say no.

christin and i are real mean. but the kind that are nice to people we like. and mean to everyone else. that is what makes it work. we moved up to email and gchat status this week.

lastly, but CERTAINLY not least, we have chelsea. this gal is hilarious. well not as funny as me but seriously it says a lot when you text all day long. and still have things to talk about. i planned my birthday party out there. so i hope she opens her house liquor cabinet with open arms.

[if i missed you, it means we need to talk me. so don't be a stranger]

that is SEVEN real life friends met through this little bloggie. granted i haven't met three of them, but i think that if i did, i would want to be their friend.

that's legit.

tomorrow i am driving so you should email me. and then if i like you and thing you won't stalk me, i will respond with my phone number. and then we can text some. that's how it happens. trust me. i'm not new with this.