project two. complete.

man you guys loved my secret yesterday.

for those that asked...i do this everyday. for those that didn't. i do this.

but really. you guys love reading about my job. [research shows] so here is another update.

you know how i was on 'spring break' last week? well that wasn't even close to what i was doing. i was walking around doing stupid shit and getting things done.

for this.

it's supposed to resemble the flag...see it?

and we are done. but not short of having to mop up gallons of water yesterday morning. 

a little construction lesson. [i hope i impress you with this knowledge]

buildings are [usually] run on a chilled water system. that is how you get cold air. you have HUGE chillers sitting on the roof constantly running water through and cooling it. air blows across the 55 degree water and cools it down. then blows through your little vents freezing you until you complain. so these pipes run from the top to the bottom of the building. huge pipes. like 16 inch. so when some dumbass pipe fitter is working on the chiller, and they take a fitting [a connection piece] out of the sequence and FORGET to bolt it back into place. water will come GUSHING out at hundreds of gallons per minute. and then where does the water go? down to the floors below. where we mopped it up.

on the LAST day. when everthing was already clean. which i guess it just got cleaner. but still. not awesome. 

but the building is complete. and we have two weeks to pack up and ship out. and i hope i get a working toilet at the next place. 

and because i have no shame anymore. i give you the MOST embarrassing pictures possible. melissa. i know you said you didn't want to meet this person. but here she is. 

this is what happens when you are sitting watching doors open and close. 
i was trying to caption the mullet i had going on. 
yes. that is a reflective vest. and yes. that is a jimmy johns sticker on my hard hat. and YES this is embarrassing.

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