that is NOT ok.

i debated posting this. 5 minutes.

i feel bad. a little bit. but i felt the need to share. ONLY for educational purposes. i am not here to bash the person. promise. but i am here to show you the do's and don't's of work attire.

no matter WHERE you work.

walmart. white house. anywhere in between.

ok. here is goes.

yes. that happened. however, in her defense: the shirts we have to wear are terrible. they are way too tight and should be 3 sizes bigger on everyone. 

i was thinking i would break down why it is wrong; but if you don't know yourself, maybe we shouldn't be friends and i shouldn't help you out. 

i also love how awesome the picture is. no clue i was taking it. thank goodness i already had my phone on silent. that would have been embarrassing. 

on top of this.

fight broke out in the bar last night. 

the n word was used. i am not a fan. 

you know what else i am not a fan of? cutting oranges.

i mean. really?! i work in construction and have been safe for almost 4 years [knock on my head] and i work at a bar for 2 weeks and i almost cut my finger off?? that receipt is for bandaids i had to go buy. they didn't have any in the bar. then i had to wear a finger condom for the rest of the night. and you know what? i wouldn't order from a bartender wearing one of those. i don't want your finger juices in my drink. no way jose.

in my defense. the asshat who gave me the knife to use doesn't like me. so i think when he handed me a 13" serrated knife [aka a saw] he knew this might happen.

thanks alot.

so hopefully i have BIG news tomorrow. other than what i am thankful for.

but i thought i should share these with you.

i think they apply to all of the wednesday trends going around. SO WHAT?!

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