blog hop. friday's fancies. #winning.

let's all say this together:

'thank goodness it is friday'

whew. i feel better now.

i've got a lot to get accomplished today on here. so let's get started.

halloween friday fancies? yes, please.

happy halloween!

happy halloween! by whitcole featuring oversized shirts

can someone buy me that sweater for a halloween present? please?

link up with {av} at {long distance loving} for your own! and she is awesome. so you should just check out her blog while you are there.


AND if you are going to be in DC december 11 can you come meet up with us? i think you should. go here to sign up.

next up.

thank goodness. i have been waiting for this day for forever.

i was thinking the other day how great this little blogger community is. so why not expand it?

so for the little friends visiting from the meetup, here is a little bit about me. and my blog.

i am extremely sarcastic.
i think i am HILARIOUS. [most people agree with me]
i am 25. i just had a quarter life crisis. you can read about that here. it was HUGE.
i'm just a gal working in a man's world. read that here.
i don't mind getting up early. i actually prefer it. i am working on staying up later. baby steps.

this blog really is what makes my day better. i go here to share random shit. sometimes it is real sometimes it is not. kidding. i would never lie to you. i just don't tell you the whole truth. that's different right?

i want to know who stopped by so i can come visit you too! so leave a comment or email me! i need some more friends. i am pretty good at emailing. so you probably want me as a friend.


i am now a certified bartender. ha.

i owned that test.

95% on the written [160 fill in the blank questions] and 4:59 to make 12 drinks. the limit is 7 minutes. i rocked it.

now all i need to do is frame this:

and i am pretty sure the reason i did so well was because i wore my lucky shoes. and jeans. yes, i have those.

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