quarter life crisis.

today is a big day.

i'll break it down for you.

it's my birthday. 

in addition, it is my last day at my project. remember how i told you that it was over? well monday, they told me i am to report to another project in a week. so this week i have been wrapping up three years of paperwork. so things will probably get missed. but i've been run over by the bus before. and it only hypothetically hurts. not in real life. so i can handle it.

it is bitter sweet to leave. obviously i have been miserable here. but i also have spent majority of my energy here too. so starting something news scares the ba-jeezes out of me. but i have only good things happening.

1. turning 25 today. holy shittake. oh come on, i am 25. holy shit.
2. i start a new job on monday. well tuesday, i work a gold tournament monday.
3. i move next weekend.
4. i got a tattoo. 
5. i am having a two day birthday party this weekend. all thanks to my seester. and i have no clue what it happening. i am trying to embrace surprises. but it isn't working. i just tried to pry it out of her again and i failed.

so can you believe all that is happening right now? 25 is going to be a GREAT year.

and to top it off, i have friday's fancies for you. i wish i actually dressed this stylish for school. this backpack is so dreamy. you guys know my love for leather backpacks. shittttt.

what do you think? head to {long distance loving} to create your own and link up. she's pretty awesome. i can't wait to hang out with {av} and jillian in boston for the blogger meet-up....you want to come too?? go here. 

back to school

back to school by whitcole featuring gold jewelry

i like how everyone breaks it down. so am joining.

1. nothing better than a perfect pair of blue jeans. i heard that the skinnies are out and straight/flares are in. good thing i have been wearing them since day one.....sorry i'm not sorry. 
2. i already told you i love backpacks. so useful. 
3. keds. man i wish i would have kept mine growing up. maybe they wouldn't fit now but i would certainly try to wear them. 
4. something about a cardigan just makes me think of mr. rogers. which makes me think of learning. no?
5. damn that watch is hot. i actually might buy it. right. now. happy birthday to me. 
6. can't do well in school if you can't take notes. doi. isn't the bag so cute?!

xo, whit. 

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