#whole30. week 1

preparing for a whole30 is normally daunting. for me at least. it's like, well what am i going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? and it has to be different monday, tuesday, wedne..... you get the point.

but since "going paleo" back in may, i have conquered some fears. fears of leftovers.

before paleo i wouldn't touch leftovers. unless it was digornio pizza. and well, you see, i don't eat those anymore. that often.

so the first whole30 i spent like 150 dollars on food for one week. and cooked something different every night. and had something different for every lunch. and at the end of the week i had over 75 dollars worth of leftovers. which i hate wasting money. i hope you do too. if not, send me the extra.

this time, i just went to the store. bought some stuff and made three meals. easy as that.

i also challenged myself to not eat eggs for breakfast. i think you know why.

i think the shift in hating leftovers happened when i realized that food is fuel and not so much a time to give in to cravings. yes, chickfila will always hold my heart. so will chipotle. and cafe rio. and digornio pizza. you get the picture. but i don't give in everytime i crave it. because that would be like EVERYDAY. instead, i plan around an upcoming stomach ache and schedule accordingly. :)

when i am starving, the leftover bison burger that was so juicy and flavorful does the trick.

also, the food is so much better. so i just want to eat it all the time. doi.

my meal this week:

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bison burgers [george forman style]
sauteed mushrooms and onions with sriracha
sweet potato rounds
brussel sprouts sauteed with sausage


i also made melissa's faux-tmeal [sans honey] for breakfast all week. delish.

and i think you saw last night's staple. if not, get on that instagram or twitter train peoples.

tomorrow my long lost arlington friend is coming over for breakfast before we walk to see the peak cherry blossoms. which is my favorite time of the year. minus the annoying tourists. but i hope they missed it since it was scheduled for last weekend. suckaaaas.

and tonight. my first 5k since starting jan one with the training.

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