for some reason this morning i wanted to poach an egg. have i ever tried before, you ask? no.

why was there something inside of me that wanted to try for the first time ever at 630 this morning?

who the hell knows.

it might have something to do with the fact that i finally slept through the night for the first time in like weeks. thanks #nosugar30.

anyway. i googled some "recipes" for poached eggs. there are no recipes. just methods. i tried to remember what my grandma told me on how she did it. then i just combined all of them. and hoped for the best.


yeah poached eggs aren't for me.

eggs gross me out.

i don't want to spoil it for you...but, one time back in the day [in college], i was talking to one of my friends about eggs. he happened to be a agriculture major. yes, we had those in florida. who else is going to grow/raise/slaughter your food for you? not sure why i asked, but i asked "what part of the egg is the would-be-chicken if it had been fertilized?"

and thinking about it like that, ruined eggs for me. EVERY time i eat an egg i think about eating a baby chicken embryo.

yes, i eat them everyday for breakfast. but boiled. i rarely eat them over-easy. i like the whites COOKED. and the yellow can not be "poached-runny."

then last week i saw a pin on pinterest that referred to the egg as eating a chickens menstrual cycle.

wtf pinterest.

eff you and your humor section.

so now i have 4 eggs in my fridge that i doubt will get eaten. i'm resorting to melissa's faux-tmeal and dinner foods for breakfast.

sorry if i grossed you out. but i can't get the disgusted look off my face so i wanted to pass it on.  

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