monumental failure.

remember that time i said i was making all of my christmas gifts?

well i failed.

not completely. but as a whole...i failed.

i made two things.

but they were the best things ever.

cue the most creative gift i ever made.

mom's family
dad's family
the plaid was my idea. i just imagined it. and i did it. you can't find a tutorial on that shit. 

life lesson: patience. cross stitching teaches you that. 

make a mistake and have to take it out. like the 'muffin-top' i accidentally gave my mom. and knew she would be pissed if i left it that way. since she def doesn't have one!

maybe next year i can plan better. and make more attainable goals. 

who else made some christmas presents?? besides chels and michelle..

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