a monumental undertaking.

i'm not sure if the lack of employment next week [the new employer so thoughtfully gave me next week off] or the exhaustion of christmas shopping on my mind, but i have decided to do something a little different this year with christmas presents.

i am making all of them.

if you have been around these parts for a while you might have noticed that i suck at finishing things. there was a time where i bought two wing back chairs to recover. half way through one and starting a slip cover for the other, i quit. both. i have come to enjoy the 80s floral pattern thank you very much.

i digress.

i knew this would be a monumental undertaking. i attribute my lack of completion to my lack of interest after i start. it is exciting to come up with the ideas. buy the materials. and start. but anything past 1 day...psh. not happening.

so this is going to be hard. but i have faith i can do it.

i can't share my projects on here because my family reads this. and what kind of present would it be if they know what it is??

if you are resourceful, you will be able to figure it out. ahem...pinterest.

anyway. what if i challenge you to do this too? anyone want to jump on the DIY Christmas Present 2012 bandwagon?

here is the breakdown:
3 different crafts [boys, girls, close family]
3 grandparents
4 parents
1 sister
12 individual crafts

estimated total cost: $50

yeah. you read that right. i mean that doesn't include labor costs. and since i work in a labor industry we can calculate that around $100/hour. so they are getting some valuable gifts.

the main reason isn't money though. i am tired of buying things just to buy things. they don't need them. they will never use them. so i wanted to make something special for them. just for them. something that shows my love.

therefore, i challenge you. make at least one. not just a little easy dinky thing. a real present. one that is special.

then we will share after the holidays. we can't ruin the surprise.

challenge accepted?

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