it's started....

my DIY days have offically begun. scary thought.

last night i picked up two [ugly floral] winged back chairs from a lady off craigslist.

i have come up with the idea to re-upholster both with different fabric. bright fabric of course.

now i just need to sell these couches that are sitting in my living room. selling stuff on craigslist is a bitch.

oh and i just bought a sewing machine. hahaha.

SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Model Sewing Machine
isn't is glorious? i actually love the old school look of it. i am pumped to see my skills at work.

suggestions on where to get fabric? i looked online but i want to find a good deal...make it worth it.

so i am not saying this is turning into a decoration blog. i'm saying this is still a lifestyle blog but my life is turning into decorating my new apartment. and i am siked about it.

do you have hobbies that you start and don't finish? i am alittle worried about that...

happy hump day.

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