best feeling. ever.

i was gonna wait until tomorrow to announce this but why wait??

i quit. i quit my job. the job i have had since day one out of college and the job i thought i would be at for my entire career. the job that taught me more than my 4 years of college did. and you know what?? i couldn't be fucking happier.

you remember when i calculated the amount of money i should have earned working overtime?? yeah i seem to recall it was over $100,000.

or the time that i worked 7 days a week for over 12 hours a day?

so if you know me in real life, you will probably get to see me more on the weekends. since i won't have to work them anymore. *rejoice*

that being said. it is a little bittersweet leaving people that i DID like. there were a few of them.

but i am more excited about my new job. like over the moon excited. i get to be an active participant in the company. i am going from a 700 person office to 13. THIRTEEN!!

another positive: i get to work in an office. not a jobsite trailer. i get to wear REAL work clothes.

this is a big deal.

but now i need new work clothes. my shitty khakis and t-shirts won't fly at the new job.

SO that means i have to go shopping. and i say HAVE to because i actually loathe shopping in stores. i would rather just buy stuff online. but since i haven't been shopping in so long for work pants and tops, i have to go.

i am thinking i need a trip to jcp. either their ads are getting to me or i think shopping at j.crew is over rated after working there for a couple months.

look at some of these finds.

i can buy an entire week's worth of clothes for less than one cashmere sweater at j.crew. yes, i know j.crew is made really well. but what are the chances you wear the same clothes 4 years in a row? i know you don't. 

some other work clothing places i should look??

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