electrode therapy.

first of all. where the hell have you guys been on this one??

i have a feeling at least 5 of you have tried this. and i am pissed you didn't tell me about it sooner.

remember that time i got punked by the acupuncturist?? she made a mockery of me and shitty back.

well i saw the future and knew it wouldn't work, so i scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor.

now. i have been to a chiropractor before. but i was 10. and i went with my mom. and i DO not recall them using electrodes to exercise your back muscles.

oh, that's new?


anyway. this place was like heaven opened up on me.

just a little pop here. stretch there. and SHOCK for ten minutes. i walked out of there with my head held high. back a little straighter. and A LOT looser than it was before.

i wasn't making up my symptoms. they were apparently real.

you know how i know?

because he told me one leg is shorter than the other.

excuse me?

so you're saying i have swag?

no. you're saying my back wanted to play a little joke on me and tighten up so much it makes on leg shorter.

new appreciation for the term 'shorty'.

i told him to quickly fix this situation. i am about to work in the ghetto and i can NOT walk with a limp. i don't know what team that is but i don't want to be on it.

so i am going three times a week. not sure how much this will cost me. since my insurance company closes at 5. so i've got a tab open right now. shoulddddd be interesting. i might be asking for some pesos soon. so keep your eyes and ears open.

and btw. i love all of you guys and your comments. because i sit at my desk everyday waiting for an email telling me how funny you think i am. i don't know why you keep coming back. and i sure as hell am glad you do.

and the song that has been stuck in my head for weeks:

my neck...my back....

[don't know it?? DO NOT GOOGLE IT.]


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