rant two.

as mentioned yesterday...people lack customer service.

i love that you all were on my side. and told me to be a bigger bitch. it irks me SO much to deal with assholes. 

they chose to go to work that morning. so put a fucking smile on and do your job happily. 

rant over.

[you can check out my other AWESOME customer service rant about comcast here]

thank goodness today is wednesday. 

i have to take a test tomorrow. which is slightly scary. considering it has been almost 4 years since my last exam. i don't even know how to take a test. i hope i don't get anxiety. 

but i am going to follow suit to my college days and go out and celebrate after it is over. only seems appropriate. 

there is this place. it is a place called 'heaven.' aka this bar down the street. 

and it has 'mug night'

and you can refill your mug [that you take home and wash after every thursday] as many times as your heart desires [or time permitting] for two dollars. yes, two dollars. that is a steal. since it is blue moon. why would i not be there every thursday? precisely. i am starting the trend tomorrow. after my failed exam. 

i mean i don't really care about grades anymore...so i'm not really planning on studying. i will let you know how that goes. 

any ideas on how to cheat?? i've never needed to before but i'm thinking...no time like the present.