you might be jealous of my weekend.

let's see...what did i do this weekend?


i wanted to have the opposite weekend from last weekend and i pretty much accomplished that.

i slept like 30 out of the 48 hours.

but i just looked up the symptoms for mono and i am in the clear. i just have a case of 'i partied too hard'.

in other news...

some of my favorite people are passing along the blogger award to me and i just want to say thanks!


i swear i have other friends with names not starting with k.


but go check them out and see how great they are. because they think that i am hilarious so obviously i love them. that category is small. so i will take what i can get.

lastly, i shared this outfit on twitter last week but i wanted to show you. and also put out the shameless plug to follow me on twitter. i get bored at work and i need some new friends to tweet. k thanks.

my heart.

my heart. by whitcole featuring maison martin margiela shoes

if anyone wants to send me that me. i will forward you my address. and then wear it 7 days in a row. with documentation. yes, it is a challenge that i will accept.