i lose people.

what. a. weekend.

mission accomplished.

if you were planning on coming to visit me, you should reconsider. i have this tendency to lose friends, give them severe hangovers, and possibly cause physical damage to them.

like EVERY time a friend is here.

i kind of feel bad...but at the same time....i don't.

they come here to have a grand time. and that is what i provide.

they ask for a weekend to make them feel young again. and that is what i provide. because i am still YOUNG. [mom, this is my argument for my drinking habits...which are normal.]

very brief and very abbreviated recap from this weekend:

sick day friday. [which is why i was missing from here.]
lunch at this new badass mexican restaurant in clarendon. so good.
[skipped dinner...]
went to the bar.
gave the bartender my phone number. on the receipt. classy, i know.
ran 1 block in the snow.
took cab remaining 2 blocks.
more shopping saturday.
ATE dinner.
vodka sodas.
vodka sodas.
jameson shots.
90's cover band.
missing friend.
still missing.
hangover alllllllll day saturday.


it was intense. but lovely all at the same time.

no pictures will be uploaded. anywhere.

still interested in coming to visit?

Source: google.com via Deborah on Pinterest

all of this was involved except for the baby. [read: chipped tooth. not mine. thank heavens.]

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