i can't believe....

it's already thursday!

this is the first week in a while that i have felt busy. [this is a GREAT thing. i get a little antsy with nothing to do at work] i by NO means want to revert back to my old days, but i am glad i have stuff to work on.

at any rate, it is great that tomorrow is friday. pops is coming into town this weekend so i am pretty pumped to see him. hope he brings me some goodies. i asked for his staple gun so i can get cruising on the chair project.

i am going to have to regulate my visitors to my apartment so no one knows how long i have been working on the chair. and how little progress i've made. maybe i can make a sign in sheet. one visit per piece of fabric i take off/on. that seems fair right?

i made a little head way during my 20 minutes between work and school. guess i will take what i can get.

i have also up'ed my coffee intake with these long days. i got a headache when i hadn't consumed coffee by 9 am. no bueno. i am just not used to staying up till 11. which is pretty sad considering i am only 25. and my mom stays up later than i do. but getting up at 6 is just brutal. no matter how you slice it.

are you addicted to caffeine? or am i the only crazy?

oh well. tis life right? do what you gotta do. at least it tastes good. kinda.

class has been going pretty great. i am rockin it still. however, some are not as fortunate. this is how it is set up:

a full bar with soda guns, ice bins, full bar [top shelf] and rails at the front. so what you would normally see at any bar. [all the bottles are filled with colored water though....so no drunky drunky at class] so the first half of class the instructor goes through the 20ish drinks that we are learning for the night. gives us little names to remember them by. maybe a story or two. [none that are ever PC or appropriate to repeat outloud without my face turning four shades darker] after we learn the drinks and the appropriate way to make them, we try it out ourselves. for two hours. but we partner up and have one person 'order' the drink and the other make them.

now, it isn't news to you that i like to drink. but some of these people in the class don't drink. at all. so when you ask for a 'jack and diet' they just look at you like umm what is jack? first problem. in my opinion, unless you know SOMETHING about drinking you will never be a good bartender. if you don't know what the liquors taste like how are you supposed to know what the drink will taste like and if it will taste good??

what do you think? do you think it is possible for a bartender to make GREAT drinks without knowing anything about drinking themselves?

random post i know.

but i am sure some of you have opinions about this! tell me.

[tomorrow will be better with my friday's fancies. and maybe some pointers on leadership (i'm no expert, but i wanted to see if you had some opinions on this topic) ]