#OMGbelize. part one

as chelsea continues to point out, i need to blog about our trip if i want to read a recap. i can't always depend on her to do it. even though she really should, considering she writes about all her trips.


chelsea and i planned a trip to belize back in may. we invited our two best friends (my sister and her best friends from highschool) and booked our flights.

fast forward 5 months and we are all meeting up in atlanta to fly to belize. so what if we had only met in person one time and we booked a nine day vacation. we gchat everyday. that is better than hanging out in person.

the trip was amazing. not what we expected or planned for. but amazing.

day 1 consisted of torrential down pours, very small airplanes, runways the length of a football field, and very weird toilet flushing rules (nothing can be flushed but bodily functions. NOT EVEN TOILET PAPER), golf carts, hammocks, so many beers, south africans named bruce, and british drinking game buddies.

we got off the plane and all looked at eachother with a look of "what the fuck did we get ourselves into?". there were no roads, not really an airport, and rain. lots of rain. and 90% chance of rain for the days we were going to be there. great.

we made the best of it by going to the sports bar for the entire afternoon and night. made some friends and acquired some stalkers.

and then. i woke up at 530AM on day 2 to see a sunrise. and not a cloud in the sky. and we didn't see a drop of rain for the rest of the week.

we spend our remaining days on caye caulker just walking the dirt roads, eating from street carts, drinking the best damned ice coffee on the planet, searching for starfish, drinking (nasty) coconut rum, and swinging in hammocks.

we didn't want to leave but san pedro was calling. and we answered. in a big way.

the night before we left.

night one. so much is happening here. 

first belizean sunrise for us.

this is pretty much how big the island is. 

right before my 50 SPF failed me.

us plus one. he joined our group for the weekend ;)

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