my life lately.

i don't actually know if i have brought up the fact that i am going to BELIZE in less than 2 months. but i am. and i'm going with chelsea. you know, the girl i've hung out with in real life once, but have been friends with for a couple years. YEARS. totes normal.

we've been chatting about a trip for a long time, but i normally chicken out and never commit. which is right up there with her top pet peeve. but she caught me on a good day and i hit the purchase button without thinking or asking for time off. luckily, work said YOU DESERVE IT (or, sure, you can go) and we started the real planning.

we are actually making it a girls trip. my sis is coming along. and her bestie from forever is coming. so isn't that the bees knees? i think so.

and in anticipation for this trip, i have opted to do a WHOLESIXTY. not 30 days. but SIXTY. call me crazy. but also call me smart bc who wants to run around in a bathing suit after drinking for three months in the summer? NOT ME.

it worked out prefectly. i got home from maine on sunday. and started monday morning. and what better way to celebrate a whole60 with lobster everyday for three days? see below.

if you want to join in on some of the fun for the month of august, go here. and if you just want to call me crazy, follow me on instagram (@wrcole).


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