i've realized i have some irrational fears. since living alone, i fear quite a few things "that go bump in the night." i think i have mentioned those here before. but if not, just know, i check behind the shower curtain everytime i get home at night.

anyway, another irrational fear is bleeding out in my apt with no one to find me. no one has a key to my apartment [which i guess i should change], and i'm not really friends with anyone in my building. so you see my point? maybe i should get one of those life buttons to wear around my neck to call the cops.

well this last weekend i faced that fear. i looked it in the eyes, and i survived.

i didn't exactly bleed out, but i thought for sure i might.

the scene: slicing jalapeƱos using my mandoline. my sharp mandoline. sharper than i every thought mandoline.

i've cut myself before doing this. but not really too bad. no blood. just a little added skin to the pickling process. [gross....i know] but this time, was a different story.

luckily i set the mandoline to medium slices and not THICK. i can't even imagine that ending.

so just use your imagination for what happened.

good news: i got to hang out in the urgent care for the first time since moving to NYC. and it wasn't half bad. it's like a private ER, and it takes all insurances. $20 copay to get all bandaged up?? sign me up.  

i'll spare you the pictures. but i can probably rob a bank one fingered, and no one would find me...hahaha [my pops gave me that idea]

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