so many things.

you guys. my food blogging has started to pay off. in a non lucrative way. but in a way that i feel is worth it. one of my blogger friend-turned-real-life friend asked me to write up a series of posts for her website. it will be an August Reset. and you should do it along with me. and all of them. and us. 

find out about it here

and read the posts i put together here. i wrote up sample meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes for EVERYTHING. as if i didn't want to spend more time sitting in front of my computer. all of these lists can be downloaded from the post for that week. and i am posting every friday. you know, to give you plenty of time to make excuses. and then tell those excuses where to go. and then go to the grocery store. 

i promise it will be easy. and tasty. 

OH. and i worked long enough one night to compile all my recipes. so you can find a really pretty listing of every meal here.

more to come, kids.