sausage and kale scramble

sometimes i just want easy meals. ha! who am i kidding. i only make easy meals. and this is one of those. 

and it's hearty. and good. win win. 

sausage and kale scramble
makes 2 meals

acorn squash
bunch of kale
3/4 pound spicy pork sausage

1. preheat oven to 350. cut squash in half, remove seeds, and place cut side down on tin foiled cookie sheet. cook for 45-55 minutes. until fork pierces skin easily.
2. about 40 minutes into squash cooking, start cooking the sausage. once it's almost done, add in kale to finish sauteing together.
3. eat! combine everything in your acorn squash little bowl. bonus point if you add another veggie on the side (snap peas for me!)

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