dogs with kraut

my love for hot dogs didn't start until i found the all beef hot dogs in the store. the ones your mom fed you growing up, gave me the creeps. and they tasted funny. and apparently are full of lots of gross shit. don't google what's in hot dogs. just don't.

anway. when you find the all beef, grass-fed hot dogs, BUY THEM. and then eat them with kraut and mustard. because...why not?!

be wary though, this is pretty high in sodium. so don't eat this when you have a wedding to attend or wear a bathing suit. just sayin...

dogs with kraut
1 meal

2 hot dogs - grass-fed all BEEF please
weber's horseradish mustard
1/4 avocado
carrots / veggies

1. eat. if you need help with additional instructions, please email me. and i will tell you to google "hot to cook a hot dog"

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