crockpot bbq pork with sautéed kale

this is like the epitome of comfort food. and it's SO easy

if you want to 'taste some south in your mouth', then make this.

crockpot bbq pork with sautéed kale
makes 4 meals

1 bunch of kale
salt & pepper
4 sweet potatoes
4 pork tenderloins (about 1 inch think)
paleo friendly bbq sauce (you can make, or just find your favorite bbq sauce)
fresh jalapeño, diced

1. buy some crockpot liners.
2. place your liner, put pork loins in bottom, then cover in bbq. i use about half the bottle. cover. cook on low for 6 or high for 4. leave. go for a walk. or go to work. whatever you want to do. this is YOUR time. shred the pork when you return.
3. when you're ready to eat, preheat oven to 350.
4. wrap sweet potatoes (sp) in foil after pierces skin with fork. roast for 30-45 until soft.
5. while sp are roasting, sauté kale. my method: place kale in pan with top. pour about a cup of water (can you broth too--if so, omit salt) in the pan and cover with the kale. steam until tender but not done. remove top, add salt and pepper to taste. finish cooking with top removed and stirring constantly. the water should be almost gone and should start to sauté.
6. eat. cut sp down the center and stuff with shredded pork. top with diced jalapeño. side of kale. bonus points if you add hot sauce and eat everything together. you will love it.

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