chicken sausage and eggs

breakfast on the weekends is my most favorite. something about waking up and just relaxing with coffee in head and warm covers. sign me up.

even better if you don't have any plans.

chicken sausage and eggs
makes 1 meal

2 eggs
2 chicken sausages (fully cooked)
pickled peppers
1/4 avocado
fat of choice (bacon fat is best used here)
handful of swiss chard
handful of ciltantro

1. heat up about 1 tablespoon of bacon fat and saute chard until tender and done to your taste. 
2. slice chicken sausages in half and cook in skillet with eggs. over medium eggs are perfect for this meal to get the yolk all over that chard! 
3. eat! combine everything with peppers, cilantro, and avocado...and HOT SAUCE!

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