burger bowl extraordinaire.

let's talk about the first "paleo" meal i've remember having. obviously, i've had paleo meals in my life without knowing it, but the FIRST meal that i ate KNOWING i was paleo, was a burger bowl. thanks to megan and her mom, my life was changed. you guys know this. you've heard this story before. blah blah blah they changed my life. they're amazing. 

anyway, you guys, meet burger bowl. burger bowl, meet…you?

idk where i was going with that. 

burger bowl
makes 4 meals

1 lb ground beef
your favorite burger seasonings (ex. red pepper flakes, s&p, cheyenne pepper, chipotle pepper, etc.)
your favorite burger toppings (ex. lettuce, tomato, pickle, guac, banana peppers, salsa, etc.)

1. make your burger patties.
2. cook your burger patties.
3. eat. put that shit on top of your burger patties.

you might be thinking i'm being lazy. but seriously, i'm not. this is the greatest idea that you can always make your own. you don't have to eat a burger wrapped in lettuce. put the burger in the bottom of your bowl and just pile it on. even put your paleo mayo and ketchup on there. you will be so happy you will forget you aren't picking it up with your hands and eating the bun.

gluten = glue. (gluing to the insides of your body…get it?)

just think about that the next time you order a burger with a bun.

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