beef and sweet potato hash

this meal is a meal that is a like 'throw all things onto a plate and eat' kind of meal. 

it also uses all of my favorite kitchen appliances. especially my mandoline. if you don't have one, get one. it saves so much time. SO much time. 

disclaimer: i realize the salsa doesn't look amazing. but thanks to my bullet and it's high speed mixing, it still has bubbles in it. after it set for a while, it looked normal. but i had eaten it already :) 

beef and sweet potato hash
make 3 meals

1lb lean ground beef
2 sweet potatoes
coconut oil
half white onion
2 jalapenos
1 large anaheim / banana pepper (or any variety of mild pepper)
1 large tomato
salt & pepper

1. brown the ground beef and set aside to drain. i use salt and pepper for seasoning.
2. shred the sweet potato (sp) using your grater attachment on the food processor. once i realized what this attachment was for, my life changed.
3. heat about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a skillet and add the sp to saute. this shouldn't take too long since it is shredded. if you want to get a little crunch in there, let is cook for a bit then toss. you won't be sad about that.
4. while your sp is cooking, dice your onion, slice your avocado, slice your peppers using your handy dandy mandoline at lighting speed.
5. make your salsa: i use my magic bullet. but you can keep using your food processor if you want. combine: tomato, half of your diced onion, half of a jalapeno, a [big] handful of cilantro, squeeze of lime juice, and hefty pinch of salt.
6. eat. layer: sp, ground beef, white onion, sliced peppers, salsa. accompanied with sliced avocado.

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