whit eats paleo. version 1.

it's no secret i like planning. ask my friends.

so making meal plans is actually right up my alley. or the aisle. the grocery aisle. get it…lame jokes. i know.

anyway. i've been planning my weekly meals since i started this journey.

i don't expect you to follow this 100%. that would be completely insane. you are you. and i am me. and we are two different people. but i can assume that you would use this as a guideline. because that is why i am doing this. to help you out with your paleo / whole30 journey.

some things i think about when sitting down to plan are:
1. meals i won't be eating at home (what days do i have plans / events / happy hours, etc.)
2. what i'm feeling for the week (mexican, fish, pork, etc.)
3. what days will i cook
4. what's in season

then i just make shit up.

so that is where these meal plans come in. i typically cook 3-4 meals a week and just eat leftovers. which i used to hate. but then i realized washing dishes every single meal is worse. so then i learned to love leftovers.


whit eats paleo. version 1.

we are starting easy peasy. you got this.

1. chicken salad
2. bestie spaghetti
3. thai burgers with slaw

Each meal makes 3 portions. So you decide how you want to break them up.

For breakfast i added in some eggs, spinach, and peppers to your grocery list to scramble each morning. top it with some avocado (about a quarter) and you'll be set until your lunch!

grocery list:
1 pkg sausage (chicken or pork)
4 chicken breasts
1 lb ground turkey

3 zucchini's or yellow squash
celery bunch
red grapes
cabbage mix
4 avocados
2 banana peppers
4 jalapenos
3 limes
bunch of cilantro
2 green peppers
bunch of spinach

18 eggs

slivered almonds
spaghetti sauce of choice

pantry items (buy if you don't have--it'll be worth it):
olive oil (not extra virgin--for mayo)
fish sauce
sriracha / hot sauce
apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper
red pepper flakes

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