I might be tooting my own horn but, it's my blog so who cares.

But also, people have told me I am pretty good at cooking. Not baking, but cooking. I don't even own baking supplies. Not a single cake pan. Maybe a loaf pan, but not anything else. And what you might call a 'cupcake pan' i call 'egg muffin tin.'

Anyway, some people have asked that I post recipes. But, you see, most of my recipes are throwing simple ingredients together. So it seems kind of dumb to post:

1 Egg
1 Avocado
2 Pieces of Bacon

So I've taken this on as a challenge. To fancy up my meals and share them with you.

I might not be 100% paleo all the time, but I only cook paleo. So that is what you're in for.

Thoughts? Excited? I am.

I did a 2 day (supposed to be 3 but I didn't want to do 3) juice cleanse yesterday and Monday, and I'm ready to cook tonight. I miss cooking. Eating is also great, but cooking has really become my favorite past time.