how to stay motivated

so i find myself often unmotivated. unmotivated to work, unmotivated to cook, and unmotivated to get to the gym or work out.

i think i found a solution to most of is doomed, but the others can be fixed. 

buy things. 

whenever you feel like you're in a slump, go to your favorite store and buy something for said activity you are regretting doing. 

yesterday morning i could NOT get out of bed. so i turned off my alarm and sleep another hour and a half instead of my scheduled run. all day, i felt guilty. i didn't really need the extra sleep. but i did need the exercise! BUT then i remembered, i had purchased a new running case and headphones the day before and it would be at my door step when i got home. so even though i had cocktails with the ladiessss planned, i squeezed in my run because i was so excited to use my new toys. 

and for cooking, i just went and bought new dishes at ikea. i don't want to talk about the 1 hour commute home carrying a 20 pound box of glass, but whatever, it worked for the time being. and i got a workout. 

so next time, you don't want to do something, just go spend money and buy something. you know you will always enjoy running in your new lululemon pants. 

also, look at how my gossip girl dreams came true last night. the only thing missing was chuck bass.