balsamic chicken and beet noodle salad

there was a time where all i was eating were beets. beets with every meal. even bfast. beets and eggs? actually pretty good.

anyway, another really good version of my beet noodle salad.

balsamic chicken and beet noodle salad
makes 3 meals

2-3 beets, judgement call on size
balsamic vinegar
spices for chicken
3 chicken breasts
brussel sprouts, quartered
cheery tomatoes
olive oil

1. marinate chicken with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, spices of your choice overnight if you have a chance, if not, at least 30 minutes.preheat oven to 350, place chicken in glass baking dish and roast until done, 30-40 minutes depending on thickness. once done, shred chicken to bite size pieces.
2. roast asparagus, brussels, and tomatoes on tin foiled sheet for 20-30 minutes (in same oven with chicken - 350*) with olive oil and salt.
2. peel and spiralize beet. toss in olive oil and place on another tin foiled sheet (or put it all on one if your oven is small like mine) and roast 30 minutes (still, same oven), until tender.
3. cook bacon however you like it. my favorite: in a skillet flipping every minute or so until a little black then drain. it's the perfect crispiness!
4. eat. pile everything on top and add on some avocado for an extra treat! AND HOT SAUCE.

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