not gentlemanly.

so i might have failed myself this weekend on the whole 'sober' thing. but i think i won when it came to having a good time.

this weekend was pretty great.

it all started out with a trip to whole foods to buy some food to sneak into a movie. because why would you want to eat JUST popcorn when you can grab a sandwich, gummy cinnamon lips, cookies, and coconut water?

her was pretty great. not an uplifting movie but i could almost see it happening in the future. something about that made it so real. and even though i LOATHE ScarJo, i didn't hate her in the movie. probably because she wasn't actually in the movie. but anyway, it was worth seeing. and so are the gummy cinnamon lips. get those. for the kids.

saturday, what started out as an innocent 'let's get a bloody mary then go to warby parker to get a pair of glasses' turned into 'let's drink all the bloody's, make friends at warby, then drink your face off at a bar for 5 hours.' so you can see how the whole 'sober' thing didn't work out well for me. i got a couple invitations from gentlemen this weekend too. actually 'gentlemen' might be too strong of a word. maybe something like 'asshats' or 'losers.' check out instagram for one. the other one invited me to the box at the knicks game. but he told me he only had $483,000 to his name, so i figured i could do better. #thanksforthescotchthough

after my 9PM bedtime, i was well rested for my last free sunday.

the groundhog was a real jerk and told us we'd see more winter. so it was nice to have a day off before it began again this morning. 40+ degrees...i'll take it any day.

yeah. random. you're welcome.