work procrastination.

Not really sure WHY I am here. But, alas, I am. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am busy at work again and I always used this as a procrastination tool. Normal right?

I've been living in NYC for more than seven months now, and I can say without a doubt that I won't be here forever. I doubt I will see the ball drop here for 2015.

For anyone that has visited here, you might understand why. There is always something going on and something to do. There is a shit ton of people everywhere. Walking to work I feel like a pin ball. Sometimes I am the only one walking downtown in a stream of uptown people. And that is just annoying. And frustrating. And just makes me want to stay inside and cry. Yes, I am being dramatic about the crying part, but it is extremely overwhelming.

I feel like most of my days I spend waiting. Waiting for the train. Waiting to leave work. WAITING FOR THE SNOW TO STOP. Waiting for my food to get delivered. Waiting for people because they didn't get to the train early enough and now it is delayed. Waiting. I think I spend 20% of my time awake...waiting. Which is quite a bit. Time is money people!

Obviously, my life is not this depressing all the time. One day last week the sun shined and I had a sliver of hope shine in my life. The winter up here has been dark, COLD, and gloomy. I never realized how much the sun, even in the winter, was necessary. The buildings block it here. And that makes me mad.

I was feeling pretty crappy, so I went to the doc to see if there was anything she could do. And I HATE doctors. I avoid them at all costs. SO for me, it was huge. Well, good thing I went because I was severely deficient in Vitamins B12 and D. She said she was surprised I had the energy to get out of bed in the morning. Whoops. So I got a couple B12 shots, a prescription for Vitamin D, and a daily dose of B12 to compliment it all. I think we are looking good folks. Side note: Doc said almost everyone is Vitamin D you should make sure you get some extra!

Obviously there is a lot more that has gone on since I last November?!...but no reason to re-hash everything. We can start from scratch.

I start Yoga Teaching Training next weekend. So for the next three months, I have teacher training. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. All day. So I won't be traveling, or doing anything other than Yoga until May. Even though I am REALLY excited about the training, I am a little overwhelmed with how much my social life will suffer. you know what day it is?! HUMP DAYYYYY

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