cooking to survive.

back in the day i used to hate cooking. as in, up to 2 years ago. in college i was lucky. i had a personal chef cook for me. granted she was cooking for 250 other people too, but it was personal. she knew my name. but then i realized i ate too much peppermint surprise. probably too much hawaiian chicken. and i then graduated. 

that was a tough realization. i have to cook for myself to stay alive?? eff, i'll just throw a digornio pizza in the oven. doi.

but then 3 years later, i adopted the paleo lifestyle. and realized I HAVE TO COOK TO SURVIVE. basically i pictured myself in the woods, gathering food. and cooking over a fire. 

anyway. over the last two years i have found a love for cooking. if you follow me on instagram, then you know that. i take more pictures of things i've cooked than anything else. 

i have just one problem. i only have one taste tester--me. so that get's a little depressing when no one else can try my creations. 

enter my new hospitable side. 

i've started inviting people over for dinner. i cook for them. catch up. and enjoy my apartment. i used to care that it wasn't all decorated. or not 'pinterest' cute, but ain't nobody got time for that. 

so what if we sit on the floor to eat. so what if i don't have place-mats. or fancy cutlery. the food is the best part and that, i am good at. 

who wants to come over?? 

just go through my instagram pictures and email what you would like to have :)

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