WARNING. Will burn eyes.

because all funny stories should be told here...

i had made plans to see a friend at 6. so i ran home to change, eat real fast. and then head out.

i was making hot dogs last night. and the plan was to stuff them in a poblano pepper with kraut. which is literally one of the best meals ever.

well, in the middle of making hot dogs and changing, i needed to put my contacts in.

you see where this is going??

while my dogs were cooking, and my pepper was steaming, i put my contact in.

i then immediately screamed profanities. ripped the contact out of my eye. and poured half the bottle of saline solution in my eyeball and cry. and screamed. and then cried some more.

fortunately, the meal was saved. my eye was not though. i was 20 minutes late meeting my friend because i couldn't open my eye for a good 10 minutes. i ate dinner with one eye closed. i ALMOST cancelled or wore an eye patch made from duct tape. it's halloween season...i could have pulled it off. i know.

so take it from me. poblano peppers are hot. and not mild like green peppers. and you should never put your finger in your eye after cutting anything with seeds. including pumpkins. that would just be gross.

and i ate candy corns on the way to work today. #fail.