best day everrrrr

You know how you have the best day ever and you are still on that 'I had the best day ever' high?

I am that girl right now.

After all my travelling and visitors, I was really looking forward to a weekend that consisted of only me and the things I wanted to do.

The original plan was to sleep in. And if you know me, you know that would never happen. Even if I had gone out the night before. So once 7AM rolled around, I decided to watch MORE Breaking Bad and lounge.

Then I laced up my sneaks, grabbed my pod, and hit the pavement. I have fallen in love with the East River park by my apartment. I used to run it before it got blazing hot; now, I just walk it. I didn't anticipate power walking for 2 hours. But I did. And it was one of the most glorious days I have had in NYC to boot.

I walked under all three bridges twice. I saw countless men catching fish, hoping they wouldn't actually eat them. Listened to Bruno Mars radio and relaxed. I thought about life. And where I want to take my life and how I have gotten to this place I am currently at. There is nothing quite like reflecting on your choices and realizing you made the right one to put a smile on your face. That, and these pictures.