that time i brewed beer.

remember when my blog was named 'cheerios and beer'??

well this lucky company found me via my old blog name and asked me to come brew some beer for free and blog about it. the company is called vimbly. i had heard of them before, but never checked them out too much.

they host a myriad of events around the city for very little money. i'd say that's a bargain around these parts. and free was even better for me. let alone free beer.

anyway. back to the beer making.

after a trek to brooklyn, the most beautiful sunset via train, and a long ass walk to the brewery, i showed up early.

but it was worth it. see for yourself.

pre-class drinks. homebrewed IPA. yes, thank you. 

owner/instructor -- the start of our batch

OH THE HOPS!!! so many choices. 

mid brew. beautiful hops. 

they also make all their neat gadgets...this cools it down in 15 minutes!

thank you very much. i capped this. 
so what i am saying is that this experience was amazing. bitters and esters was the and was such a great host for us bloggers. they made sure we were never thirsty either!

the neat thing is that we can go back in 4 weeks to test out our brew. you bet i will be there.

thanks vimbly and bitters and esters!!

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