good deed. dumb girl.

before my really neat #bloggerperk friday night, i stopped in a coffee shop right by my apartment that was recommended to me by a friend.

and who doesn't need a decaf almond milk latte when heading to brooklyn for the night??

the coffee shop was amazing. and i can't wait to go back. it is the quintessential coffee shop you think of when you think of new york city. there was a man there with very skinny jeans and a very skinny vest with glasses and a deep side part. it was like 'coffee perk' except no stage for singers. but i could see it happening there.


i was in line and the girl ahead of me ordered a small chai latte. $2.50. comes in a cute little cup with saucer. worth the price and the atmosphere.

she whips out her credit card and the cashier notifies her, $5 minimum [like most places].

awkward pause. blank stare. looks around.

she has no clue on how to solve this problem. there were quite a few options: buy a scone, buy a larger latte, leave to get cash. but she just stands there.

finally i step in and offer to pay for her drink just to get this process going. the cashier thanks me. hands me a punch card for a free drink next time, and we move on. however, blank stare girl is still confused. a couple more people order, she is still standing there. finally the cashier tells her i paid for her drink.

she walks up to me. says thank you. then asks if she can buy me a cupcake to go.

.....[cupcakes are $3]

end scene.  

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