bridemaids shoes.

I've put away my bridesmaids' shoes for the season. I don't have to bring them back out until Megan's wedding in the spring. While I love standing up next to my best friends when they make the biggest decision of their life to-date, I am glad I get a break.

I get to focus on me for a bit, and get my apartment set up EVEN more. And enjoy staying in NYC longer than Monday-Friday for the best season.

I walk to work with hot coffee in hand, listening to music, while people watching. Wondering what they do for work. I make up stories most times. Being a morning person, the walk to work is the best part of my day. Even in the mist like today. The cool air, and breeze is unlike any other to wake up to.

This weekend I have NOTHING planned. I am going to enjoy just being in my apartment, watching netflix, cooking meals, and probably some more of my favorite paleo cookies.

I am also restricting myself from candy corns and pumpkins until Halloween day. I haven't had ONE. If you know me at all you know I love candy corn. I don't know why. They taste like sugar and wax. But, I can't help it. So I figured if I wait until the only day that it is acceptable to gorge on candy, it'll be ok. RIGHT?!

Lastly, I am loving my co-workers. I've always been hesitant to open up to co-workers and share parts and pieces of my life because I never want to be vulnerable to them. But imagine my surprise when they actually care about me and want to know about my life. And I go home everyday with stronger abs because we laugh ALL DAY LONG. Mostly because I am the hilarious one, but they get their moment every now and then. :)

Apartment pictures coming soon. I promise. Now that the curtains are complete, I am on the home stretch of decorating.